Get to Know the DSSO: Sarah Warner, Violin II

Name: Sarah Warner

Member of DSSO since: 1999

DSSO Position: 2nd Violin

Education: Bachelor of Music – University of Superior, 2004

What made you decide to pursue a career in music? 
I started playing a month before I turned 3 so really music was something I always knew and was part of my life at a young age. I decided to pursue a career in music because I really enjoyed playing and wanted to learn more about music.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far? 
Making it into the DSSO on my first audition as a freshman in college. Many thanks to my previous teachers Laurie Bastian and Diane Balko for many long years of teaching and patience with me.

 What made you choose to play violin? 
I didn’t have a choice as I was almost 3 but I thank my parents for starting me on violin as it has lead to me being able to be a member of the DSSO.

What’s the most challenging thing about playing violin?
A challenge can be playing in tune. A violin doesn’t have markers for where your fingers go so you have to train your ear to know if you are on the correct pitch and sometimes just a slight move to your finger will put you in or out of pitch.

Do you have a favorite piece of orchestral repertoire to play and/or listen to? 
I enjoy playing Tchaikovsky symphonies and listening to violin concertos.

When you’re not performing, what do you do for fun? 
I have a busy life with 3 kids, being a wife and a full time job outside of the DSSO. I also love to travel whether domestic and internationally.

What’s one thing you hope people take away from a DSSO concert? 
That they may not always enjoy what they heard but the exposure to any classical music is awesome.

Do you have any advice for those looking to pursue a career in music? 
Don’t give up even though at times it is hard.