Get to Know the DSSO: Hannah Peterson-Green, 3rd Flute/Piccolo

Name: Hannah Peterson-Green

Member of DSSO since: 2018

DSSO Position: 3rd Flute / Piccolo

Education: Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance – University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of Music

What made you decide to pursue a career in music? 
The first time I played in an orchestra was in 6th grade, when I started playing with Minnesota Youth Symphonies. Even though I was initially skeptical about auditioning (thanks Mom, for making me go!) it was apparent almost immediately that it was where I was meant to be. I actually worked in Arts Administration for a few years after graduating from college and realized pretty quickly that I couldn’t live without performing. After about eight months of sneaking off to practice flute on my lunch breaks I made the decision to jump head-first into a freelance career, and I’ve never regretted it!

What has been the highlight of your career thus far? 
I’ve always been a huge Mahler fan, but performing Mahler’s 6th symphony with his granddaughter in the audience brought an extra layer of depth and connection to an already emotional performance experience.

 What made you choose to play flute/piccolo? 
When I was really little I wanted to be a ballerina and the first CD I owned was Tchaikovsky’s ballets. I remember thinking the flute always got the best parts and that it sounded like glitter, so it was a very easy choice.

What’s the most challenging thing about playing the flute/piccolo?
The piccolo specifically is so high and loud that just about every note is super exposed. Making sure that every note I play is the shape and color I want it to be, not to mention in tune and in time can feel like a lot of pressure – but SO worth it when it comes out just right.

Do you have a favorite piece of orchestral repertoire to play and/or listen to? 
I think Mahler’s first symphony is my favorite piece I’ve ever played; there is so much variety of tone color and expression that you really get to experience the full range of the orchestra. Copland’s Billy the Kid is on my wish list, though – it features my all-time favorite piccolo solo!

When you’re not performing, what do you do for fun? 
Besides spending time with friends and family, I’m always on the hunt for a great pourover [coffee], I spend probably too much time with my Netflix account, and taking pictures of my cat. I also love a good 19th century novel – Tolstoy is my favorite author right now.

What’s one thing you hope people take away from a DSSO concert? 
I’ve always felt symphonic music is intrinsically linked to powerful emotions. I also know that everyone processes music differently. I hope every DSSO concert makes the audience feel something, even if it manifests differently for everyone.

Do you have any advice for those looking to pursue a career in music? 
Stay curious! We live in a time where it is so easy to discover a new piece, learn a new practice technique, or fall in love with a unique interpretation of an old favorite piece. Knowing how and where to find inspiration on the most mundane practice days is super helpful!