DSSO: We’re Moving to the Depot!

The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra announces upcoming move to the Duluth Depot and plans to assume management of the Depot Theater.

The DSSO is thrilled to announce that, later this year, we will be moving our administrative offices to the historic Duluth Depot, as well as taking over management of the Depot Theater. The Depot is a hub for arts, history, and culture in downtown Duluth, and we  cannot think of a better space to transfer our daily operations. Managing the Depot Theater presents an incredibly exciting and totally new opportunity for us. The DSSO is passionate about the value of bringing performing arts to our community, and we are overjoyed to have even more ways to do so. The symphony orchestra will continue to perform at Symphony Hall in the DECC. 

“The vision we have coming into it will make this a very active and vibrant space as part of our downtown. We’re looking for people to come in and help us create a tone for the space, whether it’s through musical performances or small theater, or even things like lecture series, speakers, and comedians… This fits right into that vision of us being more connected to the community, and building a stronger community through what we do.
-DSSO Executive Director Brandon VanWaeyenberghe (for Jay Gabler, Duluth News Tribune)

Please check out Jay Gabler‘s article for the Duluth News Tribune, below, for a full account of this move, including interviews with DSSO and MN Ballet Executive Directors Brandon VanWaeyenberghe and Maude Dornfeld. 
Article: DSSO, Minnesota Ballet open curtain on new era for Depot performance spaces 

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