The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra announces local* auditions for the the following  openings:

Tenure Track Positions:

Principal Flute

Flute 3/Piccolo

Bassoon 3/Contra

Horn 3

Trombone 2

Principal Percussion

Section Percussion (2 and 3)

Principal Keyboard

Section Violin I & II (multiple positions)

Section Viola (2 positions)

Section Cello (2 positions)

Section Bass (1 position)

Temporary Positions:

Cello (one-year position)

*These positions are open pending local auditions and internal processes. This web site will be updated regularly during the spring to reflect advancement of internal candidates. Detailed information from our current collective bargaining agreement regarding local auditions and petitions may be found here. We will accept petitions until 5:00pm on April 10, 2023. Petitions will be reviewed after local auditions have been held and petitions shall only be sent to the Personnel Manager. Please refrain from communicating your petition with respective audition committee members prior to their deliberations. 

Audition Excerpts

Excerpts are subject to change. Please check the individual postings to be sure you have the most current audition requirements and the correct excerpts. All current excerpts will be available shortly.


All members of the DSSO must belong to a chapter of the American Federation of Musicians. Payrates are subject to Union dues.
If you have any questions, please contact Manager of Orchestra Operations, David Arnott ([email protected]).
Auditions will be held May 18, 19, and 20 (if necessary) at The Depot in Duluth, MN.
The DSSO is a per-service orchestra with approximately 42 services per year.
2023-2024 minimum pay scale for section $80/service.
2023-2024 pay scale for principal $98/service.
Members of the DSSO are members of AFM Local 18.


Send inquiries to Manager of Orchestra Operations, David Arnott, ([email protected]) to schedule an audition.

 * Local auditions are open to all whose residence is within the jurisdiction of Local 18 which is comprised of the Minnesota counties of Lake of the Woods, Beltrami, Koochiching, Clearwater, St. Louis, Itasca, Hubbard, Cass, Wadena, Crow Wing, Aitken, Lake, Cook, Pine and Carlton; and the Wisconsin counties of Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland and Burnett; as well as all Regular Members of the Orchestra. Substitute Musicians shall be considered Local if they have satisfactorily performed at least three (3) Masterworks concerts with the Orchestra over the previous three (3) years of the audition date.