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Administrative openings

Patron Services Manager

The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra is seeking a Patron Service Manager to give our patrons the best experience possible when it comes to ticket purchases for the DSSO main season, DSSYO program, and other events. This individual would also work with the Executive Director on the DSSO’s audience development initiative. A successful candidate need not have prior experience, but prior experience with ticket sales is a plus, as well as experience with non-profits. Must be available to work nights and weekends as assigned.

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To apply email a resume to Executive Director Brandon VanWaeyenberghe [email protected]


Orchestra openings

*DSSO auditions (substitute and vacancies) are local unless noted–you are welcome to submit an application if you live outside of the local AFM union area, but it is possible you would not be offered an audition based on your location. To apply, send a performance resume and 3 references to Heidi Lord, Director of Artistic Operations, via email: [email protected] 




Permanent position(s):

October 6, 2019: Viola

October 25, 2019: Horn 3 (local audition only)


Temporary and sub position(s):

October 6, 2019: Violin and Viola

Audition requirements:

    1.) a solo of your choice (specific solo requirements are listed next to some instruments, for all others, a solo of your choice is sufficient)

    2.) the excerpts below (click on your instrument to download the excerpts)

violin I & II — solo requirements: for full time violin positions, an expo of a Mozart concerto and expo of standard Romantic/20th century concerto; for violin subs, Mozart is NOT required, just one concerto of your choice


cello solo requirements: for cello, one movement from a concerto of your choice and one movement from a Bach cello suite

double bass

flute 3/piccolo audition list

piccolo excerpts

flute excerpts


english horn


3rd/utility clarinet (pg 1), (pg 2)


3rd/contra bassoon 





percussion   (prepare all of the excerpts linked below)

Those interested in being a string section substitutes may send a relevant performance/education resume and 2 references to Heidi Lord, Director of Artistic Operations: [email protected] to be considered for an informal audition anytime throughout the season. We do not offer regular sub auditions for winds, brass, percussion, harp, piano or saxophone but musicians interested in these sub positions may email the personnel director for more information.

DSSO auditions (substitute and vacancies) are local unless noted–you are welcome to submit an application if you live outside of the local AFM union area, but you may not be offered an audition.

A recording may be requested upon receipt of a resume.

Vacancies created by members moving up by audition may be filled from pool of auditionees.

The DSSO is a per service orchestra with approximately 35-40 services per year. Pay scale for string section members is $71.05/service. Pay scale for wind section members is $73.08/service.The Musicians of the DSSO are required to pay AFM Union dues; percentage is based on individual membership in the AFM.

Musicians interested in subbing with the DSSO should contact Heidi Lord, [email protected]

Symphony Chorus Auditions

For information on Symphony Chorus auditions, please click here.