Bus Schedule

For the 2019-20 season, we are looking to revamp our bus routes. Our ridership has adjusted and changed throughout the year and we want to make some of the routes more efficient, while taking into account rider safety and parking availability, as well as the amount of people per original stop. Please check back as we will update this with the new routes this summer!

Why drive when you can ride?

Skip the parking fees, the search for the perfect spot, driving in inclement weather and join us on the Symphony Bus! We’re pleased to offer this amazing complimentary service in the Twin Ports area!

We want to continue to offer this service and need your help. The Symphony bus costs the DSSO approximately $20,000 a season, as part of that we ask for a donation of $5 per ticket for those riding. Bus ambassadors are available on the bus to take any donations, or they can be mailed to our Box Office, or simply give us a call at 218-623-3776! Sponsorship’s are also available, please contact Sales department at [email protected] for more information.

Bus schedule

Busses run two times before each Masterworks concert. Busses arrive at the DECC at approximately 5:45pm (in time for the Concert Prelude Talks), and at 6:45pm. Please note that the bus will only run at the later time for Pops concerts.

Bus departure

Busses depart approximately 15 minutes after the concert ends. Busses leave when all guests have boarded and will return passengers to original boarding location.

Reserve/confirm your ride

Reservations are required to ensure a spot on the bus.  You will be required to present a ticket to the driver to board the bus.  Be sure to reserve your spot no later than the Wednesday before concerts.  For concerts falling on days other than Saturday, please make your reservation no later than two days in advance. Contact the DSSO Box Office for bus reservations by email or by calling 218-623-3776.


Call 218-623-3776 for reservations and questions.