Heritage Fund Campaign

Heritage Fund Campaign

Your support is critical

Like many symphony orchestras throughout our country today, DSSO ticket sales alone do not cover the expenses of concert performances.  Your support now is critical to ensuring the voice of music speaks well into the future.  Your generosity helps us provide exceptional experiences, build lasting connections, and make high-quality music accessible and affordable.

The benefits of having the DSSO in our region include:

  • The contribution it makes to the economic impact of arts and culture in our region.
  • Its use as a recruiting tool to attract professionals to this area.
  • The performing opportunities it offers professional musicians and students.
  • The enhancement it provides to music education in our schools and universities.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other performing arts groups.

Giving to the DSSO:

  • Ensures that ticket prices remain affordable.
  • Supports education and outreach programs to students and seniors.
  • Upholds an extraordinary legacy in our community for our children and their children.
  • Guarantees a thriving symphony orchestra for the future.

With tales of the past to be told and future legends to be voiced, we look to you to help us achieve and sustain our goals of musical artistry and community outreach.  This is done through your generous gifts of financial support.

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