Generation to Generation By Arlene Anderson Arriving at the most recent DSSO concert, I ran into my retired neighbor, Barb. Her face was aglow with happiness. “Bob is singing in the DSSO Chorus and our grandchildren are playing in the pre-concert performance!” she told me. I looked over at the group of school children about […]

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Are you a synesthete? By Arlene Anderson A person with synesthesia connects two or more senses. Stimulation of one sense creates an automatic response in another. The most common form of this is the combination of vision and sound. Just imagine: colored hearing! People with this neurological-based condition have unique perceptions but there are some […]

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Made for Music By Arlene Anderson One of the often-repeated family stories at our house was the time I went to my big sister’s school concert as a two year old. To the amusement of the audience, when the music started, I stood up on my mother’s lap and began to “conduct,” waving my arms […]

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