Sound Good / Look Good By Arlene Anderson   The DSSO, led by boundary-breaking music director, Dirk Meyer, continues to add to its “perfectly unexpected” reputation. The March 21st DSSO pops concert combined popular music from fashion capitals of the world with an actual fashion runway complete with live models! The crowd buzzed with excitement […]

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CREATIVITY CAN BE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH By Arlene Anderson The Arabian Nights tells of a Sultan who chooses a different woman to be his wife each night. As the story goes, his habit was to kill the woman the next morning and repeat the process again the next day. But when he […]

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We Can’t Help Falling in Love by Arlene Anderson Anyone who attended last Saturday’s DSSO’s performance couldn’t help but fall in love. Joyce Yang’s graceful hands on the keyboard, along with our own DSSO musicians, made for an incredible match. Only one of my wishes wasn’t granted—yet. During the lively Viennese waltzes, I had to […]

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Ever been this inspired by a birthday present? By Arlene Anderson Gram gave me an accordion on my 10th birthday. I was intrigued and happy with it. But can I honestly say it changed my life? Um, no. In contrast, the guest performer at DSSO’s January 31st, concert, Joyce Yang, received a piano for her […]

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For Those Who Dared… By Arlene Anderson Yes, it was cold. There was a temptation to stay home. But what a delightful reward for the daring souls who ventured out for DSSO’s “New Year’s Eve at the Oscars” concert. From the first four notes of Raider’s March from “Indiana Jones” an involuntary smile lodged on […]

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And the winners are… By Arlene Anderson   You, the audience, chose the selections for the DSSO’s “New Year’s at the Oscars” concert. The line-up looks to be spectacular–beginning with Raider’s March from Indiana Jones and ending with the Suite from Star Wars. Do you feel some movie memories coming on? Where will they take […]

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Generation to Generation By Arlene Anderson Arriving at the most recent DSSO concert, I ran into my retired neighbor, Barb. Her face was aglow with happiness. “Bob is singing in the DSSO Chorus and our grandchildren are playing in the pre-concert performance!” she told me. I looked over at the group of school children about […]

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Are you a synesthete? By Arlene Anderson A person with synesthesia connects two or more senses. Stimulation of one sense creates an automatic response in another. The most common form of this is the combination of vision and sound. Just imagine: colored hearing! People with this neurological-based condition have unique perceptions but there are some […]

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Made for Music By Arlene Anderson One of the often-repeated family stories at our house was the time I went to my big sister’s school concert as a two year old. To the amusement of the audience, when the music started, I stood up on my mother’s lap and began to “conduct,” waving my arms […]

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