Music To You

Music to You

Bring live music to your workplace, community center or organization!

Music To You programs educate, entertain and inspire listeners. Focused on engaging musical themes and topics, they include musical performances, audience dialogue and a refreshing new look at the world of music.

Music To You brings Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra musicians into the community—to organizations, living centers, schools and work sites, with an emphasis on serving those who would not otherwise hear live classical music.


All programs are 30-45 minutes long, tailored to each unique performance setting, and appropriate for all audience ages. Call Rebecca Lynn Petersen at 218-623-3777 for more information.

1. The Sound of Science

Betty Braunstein, flute, and Steve Highland, violin. How do the flute and violin make music? Join Betty and Steve as they explore the connection between sound and science with items like a tuning fork, slinky, and beaker of water! Hands-on demonstrations, computer animations, and live music show why music to your ears is also music to your brain.

2. The Timeless Beauty of Harp and Flute

Betty Braunstein, flute, and Janell Lemire, harp. Betty and Janell play two of the world’s most beloved instruments, the flute and the harp. The ancestors of these two instruments are amongst the oldest in the world. Using their modern flute and harp, images from the past, actual instruments from other times and places, and music for flute and harp, these fine musicians will explore the question of why human beings have been music-makers since the beginning of time.

3. Thanks for the Memories

String Quartet: Nicole Craycraft, Laurie Bastian, Kevin Hoeschen and Rebecca Peterson. Music is much more than just notes! Just as a photo or a particular smell can elicit vivid memories, music can connect us with special times from our past. The string quartet explores the connection between music and memory in a decade-by-decade journey through American music. With music ranging from the ragtime of Scott Joplin through the more contemporary music of the Beatles and Coldplay, this ensemble is sure to bring back memories!

4. Go For the Gold!

Brass Quintet: Dean Heller, Shark Kishida, Jill Pospisil, Larry Zimmerman, and Steve Grove. Explore the trumpet, French horn, trombone, and tuba as the brass quintet takes you on a journey of Olympic proportions! This program showcases each brass instrument, drawing analogies to Olympic sports. Listen to the unique qualities of each brass instrument and the beautiful sounds created when they all work together as a team. Cheer on your favorite brass player as they “Go For the Gold”!

5. Anything is Possible!

Steve Grove, tuba, and Judy MacGibbon, viola. Can the tuba play a beautiful solo melody? Can the viola play a fast tune that gets your toes tapping? Anything is possible! This program highlights two of the orchestra’s less featured instruments: tuba and viola. Join Steve and Judy as they encourage each other to step into the limelight and explore the musical potential of their instrument. Watch what amazing things can happen if you believe anything is possible!

6. The Music and Culture of Latin America

Nixon Bustos, bass, and Melanie Sever, flute. Explore the culture and history of Latin America as Melanie and Nixon take you on a tour through Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba and Venezuela. In this interactive program, audience members learn traditional Latin rhythms, play various folk percussion instruments and even get the chance to try out their dancing feet with styles like the Argentinian Tango, Colombian Cumbia, and Brazilian Samba!