Get off the couch and put on your dancing shoes! Big Wave Dave and the Ripples are joining the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra for a one-night only special concert! Duluth’s own soul-funk band and our musicians will have you movin’ and groovin’ in the aisles. VENUE & CONCERT INFORMATION Some important announcements regarding Symphony Hall […]

The common musical denominator for Saturday night’s “Revelations: Beethoven Project” concert by the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall was that of “program music,” intended to create an impression of the natural world. Opening the evening at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center were Bela Bartok’s six Romanian Folk Dances, which helped to establish folk […]

The DSSO and Bent Paddle Brewing Company have teamed up on a very special project – something they’ve been dreaming about since Music Director, Dirk Meyer moved to town in 2012.  According to Meyer’s friends in Dusseldorf, he’s “really made it” and they’re jealous!  Why? Because thanks to Bent Paddle’s team of creators and thinkers, […]

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