The DSSO understands Minnesota winters and transportation difficulties. This year we are happy to announce we will again provide bussing at $8.00/person from multiple locations! Just call the Box Office at (218) 623-3776 to reserve your seat.

Reservations must be made by noon (12pm) on the Friday preceding each concert. 

DSSO Bus 1

(1) 5:30 pm: National Bank of Commerce – Superior, WI  
1127 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI

(2) 5:40 pm: Super One Foods (West Duluth)
5300 Bristol Street, Duluth, MN
*Parking: Please park in the BACK lot behind the building, by their loading dock off of Bristol Street.

(3) 5:50 pm: Park State Bank (27th Ave W)
2630 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN

(4) 6:05 pm: First Methodist (Coppertop) Church 
230 E Skyline Pkwy, Duluth, MN
*Parking: Please park in the large East lot.

DSSO Bus 2

(1) 5:30 pm: Ecumen Lakeshore  
4002 London Road, Duluth, MN
Bus arrives at 4:50pm

(2) 5:40 pm: Essentia Health – Lakewalk Clinic
1502 London Road, Duluth, MN

(3) 5:55 pm: Mount Royal Pines III
50 East St. Marie Street, Duluth, MN

(4) 6:05 pm: Westwood (St. Scholastica)
CSS Campus, 925 Kenwood Ave, Duluth, MN

Drop off will be at
Entrance D at 6:25 pm