DSSO Concerts Broadcast on Wisconsin Public Radio

DULUTH, Minnesota – The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra has partnered with Wisconsin Public Radio, to broadcast DSSO concert recordings on 91.3 FM (KUWS) and 88.5 FM (WSSU).

Broadcasts will be featured on KUWS and WSSU on Thursday evenings at 7 pm. Listen live on the radio, or stream online at uwsuper.edu/kuws.

See the full broadcast schedule below. Schedule updated Aug 24.

Recordings of DSSO concerts will be available on Fridays the new DSSO at Home On-Demand page starting in June and will be available to stream for 45 days. DSSO at Home is a free on-demand service that the DSSO launched in early May to provide a connection with the Orchestra, during continued COVID-19 Stay Safe guidelines that are in place. DSSO at Home features links to virtual performances, conversations with Music Director Dirk Meyer and so much more. WDSE is rebroadcasting DSSO concerts every Friday in May at 9 pm. WDSE recordings are available to stream on Saturday’s following the rebroadcast.

Access to viewing and hearing the concerts is absolutely free, all you have to do is make a quick account with your name and e-mail address.

Visit dsso.com/athome to find the latest posts and learn how to access the DSSO’s on-demand content.

The DSSO is working hard to continue to stay connected to its audience virtually, until the DECC and Symphony Hall are able to safely reopen to large audiences.

Broadcast Schedule:
May 14, 2020: Along the Mediterranean • May 4, 2019
This program is filled with sun, energy and pure fun. We begin in Spain with Emanuel Chabrier’s stunning “Espana” before we visit Egypt with Camille Saint Saens incredibly original “Egyptian Concerto”. The second half of the program is filled with breathtaking virtuosity as we enjoy Rimsky Korsakov’s “Capriccio Espagnole”, De Falla’s Suite from “The Three Cornered Hat” and Ravel’s most famous “Bolero”. Stay tuned for the encore!

May 21: Obsession • Feb 1, 2020
Michael Daugherty’s “Red Cape Tango” truly obsesses over something: It is the Gregorian chant of the Dies Irae, the judgement day. This piece, that tells the story of Superman and his archenemy Doomsday, offers up this ancient melody in any variation you can think of. Berlioz also quotes this famous melody in his “Symphony Fantastique”, a piece about an artists’ obsession for his beloved. Finally, we enjoy Erin Aldridge’s stunning performance of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto.

May 28: Verdi: Requiem • Apr 5, 2014
Experience one of the greatest choral works of all time: Verdi’s Requiem is full of power and anger, but also beauty and serenity. Some have described this work as extremely operatic. And when Verdi intones the frightening sounds of the Dies Irae, the judgement day, we understand why: The music is highly descriptive and we can indeed hear the graves open up and a forceful judge hold court over the sinner’s fate.

June 4: Inspiration • Oct 28, 2017
In Inspiration we celebrate four composers and the influences that led to the composition of these works. From Golijov’s and Piazzolla’s celebrations of the Argentine Tango, to Schumann’s only tribute to the cello, to Mozart’s divine-like inspiration that led to the composition of his final three symphonies: This concert is packed with nostalgia, longing and beauty.

June 11: Roots • Mar 3, 2018
As we explore these three compositions we move further and further back in time. Grieg was inspired by the folk music of Scandinavia as he wrote his Symphonic Dances. Stravinsky’s groundbreaking choral work Symphony of Psalms takes us to the world of the Old Testament. Finally, Ravel’s beautiful ballet Daphnis and Chloe is based on the ancient Greek tale of these two lovers. This concert is packed with wonderful contrast, from the innocence of Grieg’s music, to the cubist feel of Stravinsky’s Symphony, to the luscious beauty of Ravel’s score.

June 18: Resurrection • Apr 1, 2017
Mahler’s Symphony No.2 is truly one of the greatest achievements of the human spirit. This enormous work takes us on a journey that incorporates all of human life: Our struggles and fate, our love and compassion, finally our spirituality all find a place in this incredible composition. When the chorus enters in the final movement we are indeed transported to a new world and revel in the glory of Mahler’s music.

June 25: Reflections • Apr 28, 2018
This concert is packed with fun and incredible music. Bernstein’s West Side Story (just like it’s inspiration Romeo and Juliet) might not have a happy ending, but the music, with its influences from Jazz and popular music, has become an icon of American culture. Then we enjoy the playing of one of the greatest pianists of our time: Peter Serkin performs Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.2. Finally, Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition is one of the most fun visits to a gallery you can imagine. From little chickens to giant houses on stilts, from scary gnomes to even scarier witches, this music takes us on a wild ride we won’t forget anytime soon.

July 2: Rhapsodies • Sept 20, 2014
Two Rhapsodies, two masterworks by Rachmaninoff. What else can you ask for? Maybe some Gershwin? Not a problem! This program features American pianist John Novacek in Rachmaninoff’s breathtaking Paganini Rhapsody, as well as Gershwin’s beloved Rhapsody in Blue. Then we experience Rachmaninoff’s final work, his Symphonic Dances, full of lush harmonies and incredible melodies.

July 9: The Dream of America • Sept 17, 2016
Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, an icon of American music, opens our program. It sets the stage for one of the greatest works of orchestral music written in the 21st Century: Osvaldo Golijov’s Azul is a concerto for cello, accordion, and world-percussionists. And it sounds like nothing you have ever experienced before! Incredible beauty awaits as Golijov takes us on a tour of the creation of the universe. Finally, we enjoy Dvorak’s American symphony, his Symphony from the New World.


July 23: Heaven & Earth • May 7, 2016
Heaven and Earth meet in this combination of two 20th century masterworks: Respighi was inspired by four different church windows, and the stories they tell, when writing his colorful work Vetrate di Chiesa. Then experience one of the most beloved choral pieces of all time: Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, describing the serenity of heaven, the earthly delights, and suffering of men, as well as the futility of fate.

July 30: Sagas • Jan 13, 2018
In Sagas, we celebrate two of the most prolific late-romantic composers: Jean Sibelius and Richard Strauss. While Sibelius’ Andante provides a clam opener, his En Saga takes us into the world of a dark fairy tale. Strauss’ final work, his Four Last Songs, are among the most beautiful music ever composed. We are joined by world-famous soprano Christine Brewer. Finally, we experience the rambunctious Till Eulenspiegel, as he rides his horse through the marketplace and makes fun of his rivals. Spectacularly orchestrated, the work is a firework for the senses.

Aug 6: Toward the Heavens • Apr 13, 2019
Tchaikovsky was inspired by folk melodies from the Ukraine when writing his Symphony No. 2. Since the Ukraine was known as “Little Russia” during Tchaikovsky’s time, the work has become known as the Little Russian Symphony. The second half of the program features Mendelssohn’s seldom performed masterwork Hymn of Praise. With full chorus and soloists, this work pulls out all the stops with its awesome power and inspired work.

Aug 13: Unforgettable Views • Nov 17, 2018 | Oct 5, 2019
Faure’s Requiem is one of the most beloved works for any chorus. Calm, beautiful melodies and gorgeous harmonies lead us to serenity and peacefulness. The second half of the program though, takes us on a different kind of journey. American composer Jonathan Leshnoff’s Starburst is a musical description of a star reaching its super nova and exploding into a billion pieces. Finally, Tchaikovsky takes us on a journey into the underworld as we follow the Italian poet Dante into his “Inferno” to visit the tragic figure of Francesca da Rimini.
Faure: Requiem (11/17/2018); Leshnoff: Starburst (10/5/2019); Tchaikovsky Francesca da Rimini (10/5/2019)

Aug 20: A Night at the Opera • Nov 23, 2019 – BROADCAST TIME ADJUSTMENT: 6:30 PM
Love, humor, death, murder, tragedy, and triumph: Everything that opera has to offer is featured during our Night at the Opera. In collaboration with the Lyric Opera of the North, as well as the LOON Chorus and the DSSO Chorus, we bring to life opera’s greatest hits, from Aida and La Boheme to Wagner and Zarastro.

Sept 3: Heaven & Earth • May 7, 2016
(Due to an error in broadcast when this was originally supposed to air on July 23, we have rescheduled the broadcast)
Heaven and Earth meet in this combination of two 20th century masterworks: Respighi was inspired by four different church windows, and the stories they tell, when writing his colorful work Vetrate di Chiesa. Then experience one of the most beloved choral pieces of all time: Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, describing the serenity of heaven, the earthly delights, and suffering of men, as well as the futility of fate.

Sept 10: Revolution • Sept 23, 2017
Revolutions abound in this program of groundbreaking compositions. Miguel del Aguila’s The Giant Guitar is a musical description of revolutions in South America. Erin Aldridge then presents one of the most revolutionary concertos of the repertoire, Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto which was originally declared “unplayable.” Then we experience one of the most powerful pieces of the symphonic repertoire, Dimitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 12, commemorating the Russian “October Revolution” of 1917.

Sept 17: Four Seasons • Nov 12, 2016
Experience two blockbusters on this program of simply outstanding music: Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is among the most performed violin concertos. We get to enjoy this staple performed by DSSO Concertmaster Erin Aldridge. The second half then features the DSSO Chorus and soloists as we bring to life Mozart’s final masterwork, his Requiem.