Planning for Busy Nights at the DECC

Occasionally, our concerts will overlap with major events at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC), which means a busy night for parking! For the 2019-20 season, the first few concerts of the season overlap with UMD hockey. If you’re not looking forward to the traffic involved, there are some alternative parking options available, if you’re willing to take a little stroll. The DECC is accessible via the Skywalk system through Downtown Duluth, many parking locations are only a 5-10 minute walk.

If you are planning to park at the DECC, arrive early and make dinner arrangements that you can walk to in Canal Park or Downtown.

Not so keen on dealing with the traffic? Here are some alternative public parking options near the DECC. Click here for full map (courtesy of the DECC). Please note these lots charge various amounts from $1/hour to $10/day – you are responsible for payment in these lots.

Canal Park***: Irvin Lot – 335 Harbor Drive (by Red Lobster / Hoops Brewing)
Sculptured Wall Lot – 300 block of Canal Park Drive (by Caribou Coffee)
Lake Place Lot – 235 Canal Park Drive (by Endion Station/Canal Park Lodge)
Lake City Lot – 300 block of Canal Park Drive (between the Inn on Lake Superior and Comfort Suites)
Northwest Iron Lot – 400 block of Canal Park Drive (across from Dewitt Seitz Building)
Lighthouse Lot – 510 Canal Park Drive (end of Canal Park Drive)
Lot behind Bellisio’s – 400 S Lake Ave

***Please note there are several parking lot areas in Canal Park that are for private patrons of local businesses in the area, please follow these rules before leaving your vehicle. 

Downtown Duluth: 
Duluth Transportation Center Ramp – 238 W Michigan St (This ramp connects directly to the Skywalk I-35 overpass)
4th Avenue Auto Park – 400 W Michigan St
Historic Union Depot – 400 W Michigan St
Technology Village Ramp – 10 E 1st St

To access the DECC from Downtown Duluth via the Skywalk, follow the signs for the DECC! The Skywalk system is a climate controlled indoor skywalk that connects parking ramps and businesses in the downtown Duluth area and hops over I-35 straight to the DECC. Once you reach DECC property there will be overhead signage and color-coded pathways to get you to Symphony Hall.

Please plan accordingly and we can’t wait to see you at Symphony Hall!