Sounds Like Home

Sounds Like Home

By Arlene Anderson
If you wrote a song about Duluth, what would it sound like?

On a particularly cold day in February, I felt compelled to write a song called “Minnesota Stomp,” a rhythm-rich humorous tune about stomping our feet to get the snow off of boots in winter. Other area songwriters have included the call of the loons or even the aerial lift bridge and ships sounding out their familiar “long, short, short” greeting.

Wherever we are, a mere sight, sound, smell or taste can transport us back to the place we call home. Many beautiful melodies have been inspired by people longing for the place where they are most known, loved, and accepted.

DSSO’s April 18th concert which will feature the works of famous composers who wrote tributes to the places they called home. Joseph Haydn’s homage to London, Dvorak’s remembrance of a lost love in Bohemia, and Smetana’s flowing piece about the Vltava River are just a few of the evening’s features.

Sometimes you have to go a long way to get home. Other times you just have to listen.