Generation to Generation

Generation to Generation

By Arlene Anderson

Arriving at the most recent DSSO concert, I ran into my retired neighbor, Barb. Her face was aglow with happiness. “Bob is singing in the DSSO Chorus and our grandchildren are playing in the pre-concert performance!” she told me. I looked over at the group of school children about to play and recognized her lively red-headed crew of three among the group.

The age range within my own party of four was 16 to 57.

Did you notice it, too? The DSSO concert on December 5th, “Bentleyville at the Symphony,” attracted a wide age range of concert goers. The youngest children were delighted by the lights, candles, and well-placed sound effects. Actually, perhaps the older generation was just as enchanted by the wonder of it all, although they may have lost some of their ability to be as freely expressive. There is truth in the saying that we never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.

If you were there you could not miss the magic of the evening. It was good fun whether your age is 5 or 95.