Made for Music

Made for Music

By Arlene Anderson

One of the often-repeated family stories at our house was the time I went to my big sister’s school concert as a two year old. To the amusement of the audience, when the music started, I stood up on my mother’s lap and began to “conduct,” waving my arms in time to the music. (Ah, to be that unselfconscious again…)

At age three, I walked over to our piano and plunked out two melodies by ear: “Jesus Loves Me” and “Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should.” My early influences were diverse!

Not everyone in the family shared the same musical tendencies.

My sisters and I laughingly “suffered” my dad’s unique vocal renditions of the happy birthday song on our special days. He told us about his strategy in high school choir: when he quit singing and just mouthed the words his grade improved.

Our own unique histories add to our ability to enjoy musical performances. What music-related family stories do you carry to the concerts with you?