Are you a synesthete?

Are you a synesthete?

By Arlene Anderson

A person with synesthesia connects two or more senses. Stimulation of one sense creates an automatic response in another. The most common form of this is the combination of vision and sound.

Just imagine: colored hearing!

People with this neurological-based condition have unique perceptions but there are some commonalities such as the deeper the note, the darker the color. Between 1-5% of the world’s population are synesthetes. Not surprisingly, persons with synethesia tend to excel in the arts and especially as musicians. Names of synesthetes you may recognize include Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and Marilyn Monroe.

The DSSO concert on December 5th combined sight and sound, incorporating Christmas lighting from Bentleyville to enhance the performance of familiar seasonal melodies. What colors did you hear?