Bus Schedule

Why drive when you can ride?

Skip the parking fees, the search for a parking spot and the long walk to your car in inclement weather. We’re pleased to offer our free Symphony Bus, serving Superior and the east and west sides of Duluth. It’s fun, it’s easy and you can even be a supporter or sponsor of the Symphony bus.

Bus schedule

Busses run two times before each concert. Busses arrive at the DECC at approximately 5:45pm (in time for the pre-concert lecture), and at 6:45pm.

Bus departure

Busses depart approximately 15 minutes after the concert ends. Busses leave when all guests have boarded and will return passengers to original boarding location.

Reserve/confirm your ride

Reservations are required to ensure a spot on the bus.  You will be required to present a ticket to the driver to board the bus.  Be sure to reserve your spot no later than the Wednesday before concerts.  For concerts falling on days other than Saturday, please make your reservation no later than two days in advance. Contact the DSSO Box Office for bus reservations by email or by calling 218-623-3776.

Concert Night Bus Schedule

Superior, Wisconsin

5:05pm & 6:05pm      National Bank of Commerce

Duluth, Minnesota

5:20pm & 6:20pm      K-Mart (Spirit Valley Shopping Center)

5:00pm & 6:00pm      Mt. Royal Pines III

5:05pm & 6:05pm      Mt. Royal Pines I & II

5:15pm & 6:15pm      Westwood

5:00pm & 6:00pm      Chateau

5:10pm & 6:10pm      Lakeshore

5:20pm & 6:20pm      Central Hillside Community Center

5:25pm & 6:25pm      Valentini’s  (Please note: The DSSO does not handle dinner reservations for Valentini’s.  You MUST make a bus reservation through the DSSO in order to ensure your spot is available. )

5:45pm & 6:45pm      Arrival at DECC

Bus schedules subject to change.

Call 218-623-3776 for reservations and questions.


DSSO Art Show until 6:30 tonight. @ZeitgeistCafe https://t.co/pJDbJ8xpPb